Living Conditions.

So here is the reality: Europe is great, there are wildflowers everywhere and cool German people speaking cute broken English to you, cute bakeries and cafes and bars everywhere and the weather is cool and breezy, but…those of you who are way too accustomed to what I call American comfort will find this place sort of inconvenient in a few ways.

Just a few. Promise ;P

1. No AC, folks. No AC in classrooms, no AC in dormrooms, shops, banks, trains, trams, restaurants, literally everywhere. But no worries, it’s really nice and cool outside most of the time during the summer. :)

2. Walking. You pretty much have assume that you have to walk or take the little town tram to get to wherever you need to get to, since you obviously won’t have your own car here, and I’ve been doing so much walking that my calves are toning up quite nicely during my stay here. Taking the tram is risky without buying a ticket, but why would you want to pay 1.80 euros when you can walk and use that money to get yourself some pastries? Or those dollar bratwursts!

3. Laundry… Um. So. I spent last night hand-washing half of my clothes. Why? Because A) the laundry room is 7 flights down in the basement and there are no elevators in any buildings at this university. Well, anywhere mostly. Erfurt doesn’t believe in elevators I guess. B) it’s really shady to be honest. It’s dark, really secluded and you probably wouldn’t really want to go there at night…it’s quite scary. C) the washing/drying machines are ancient. They look like they’re from the 70s… D) Expensive. Hello, I’m on a very tight budget here.. E) Apparently the drying machine doesn’t even dry clothes. So we’ve been just air drying all our clothes on a rack. hahaha oh gosh.

4. Bugs. So since the weather’s so nice, we always leave the windows open day/night and bugs come in and out…big ones small ones, gross ones cute ones.. (if there are any cute ones lol) and you kind of learn to live with them.

5. Significantly less wifi. You can only get wifi at certain limited places. Could be good/bad. 


But you know, you’re in a different country… just kind of learn to adapt to whatever environment you’re in and change your attitude and living style accordingly. That’s the fun of studying abroad :)